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Peanut Blade, Inverter Blade Pair

Item #75503
Use these peanut blade replacements to get your peanut digger in working order before it is time to harvest. A sharp peanut blade will help you harvest your peanuts more efficiently and with less waste. These peanut digger blades are made to fit most KMC, Paulk and W&A digger-inverters.
Product Overview
A good set of peanut blades are important when it comes to digging up your peanut crop. Sharp blades allow you to cut through even the driest and hardest soil even when conditions are not ideal.

These peanut blade replacements come in a set of two and are made to fit most KMC, Paulk and W&A peanut digger-inverters.

  • 41-6/8 in. long
  • 5/16 in. thick along the bolt edge tapering into a sharp blade
  • 8 bolt holes
  • Use ASC # 32640 bolt pack (3/8" x 1-1/2")
  • Set of 2 peanut blades
  • Made to fit KMC, Paulk and W&A digger-inverter
  • Made in Brazil
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