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Spindles are crucial parts for your lawn mower cutting deck that work together with the pulleys and belts to perform clean and even mowing. At Agri Supply® we carry the lawn mower spindles and spindle assemblies you need to keep your yard looking good. We have spindles to fit the major brands such as John Deere, Murray, AYP, MTD, and many more. We stock a large variety of spindle sizes, spindle housing, and spindle shaft assemblies to be your one stop shop for all your lawn maintenance needs.

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82-225 Spindle Assembly for AYP
image Oregon® 82-225 Spindle Assembly AYP
Item # 116117
$37.99 EA
85-035 AYP Spindle Shaft
image Oregon® 85-035 AYP/Husqvarna Spindle Shaft
Item # 110028
$26.99 EA
85-049 Shaft, Spindle For 82-515
image Oregon® 85-049 Shaft, Spindle For 82-515
Item # 85439
$23.66 EA
82-054 MTD Spindle Assembly
image Oregon® 82-054 Spindle Assembly to fit MTD
Item # 101425
$57.99 EA
85-036 AYP Spindle Shaft
image Oregon® 85-036 AYP Spindle Shaft
Item # 110029
$26.99 EA
82-354 Spindle Assembly - John Deere
image Oregon ® 82-354 Spindle Assembly to fit John Deere
Item # 56510
$54.99 EA
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