Nozzle Caps & Bodies

Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Nozzle Caps & Bodies along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

Nozzle parts let you control the pattern and range of spraying, so these small parts can make a big difference in your effectiveness. When nozzle orifice & caps are needed for making adjustments to your spraying, count on finding them at Agri Supply, which offers more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden. Browse our nozzle body choices for a large assortment, including L-shaped and triple nozzle bodies. We carry nozzle check valves, too, among our sprayer pumps & parts.

Count on our nozzle parts for quality and performance. A variety of nozzle orifice & caps as well as sprayer pumps & parts means you're sure to find what you need.

While nozzle parts may be small, they play a significant part in the range and accuracy of spraying, making them key components in improving efficiency. Whether nozzle orifice & caps are needed or nozzle blanks and other sprayer pumps & parts, turn first to Agri Supply, which has something for everyone. Our nozzle body assortment includes many types to suit your needs. We also carry nozzle check valves for reliable shut-off and leak prevention.

Count on our nozzle parts to perform reliably, too, because Agri Supply guarantees these and most products with its own one-year warranty. Our nozzle orifice & caps selection includes a variety of sizes. Nozzle body choices range from single hose shank and quick-attach double hose shank nozzle bodies to triple nozzle and L-shaped bodies. Among our nozzle check valves is a single-hose diaphragm check valve.