Nutcracker, Lever Type


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Use this nut cracker to crack nut shells with ease. An adjustable cylinder makes the nutcracker ideal for pecans, walnuts, hickory nuts and more. The base of the nut cracker is solid wood and the lever action and cylinders are constructed of steel for durability.

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No matter what kind of nut you desire, this adjustable nutcracker can crack it open. With a wooden base and handle, the steel framework, cracking cylinders and lever are durable for years of use. The framework has an adjustable grooved cylinder, so that all types of nuts can be cracked. The ergonomic lever action makes the repetition of shelling nuts less straining.


  • Lever type of nutcracker
  • Wooden handle and base
  • Steel framework and lever
  • Adjustable cylinder
We also carry a Carolina Nutcracker and a hand held nutcracker with picks. See more of our cooking supplies for all your cooking and kitchen needs.

  PECAN & NUT CRACKER LEVER TYPE in Pecan Gatherers & Crackers and Lawn and Garden at Agri Supply ®.

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5 Stars A Must-Have Nut Cracker


Pop from VA wrote (April 15, 2015):

I found out a couple of days ago that I had finally bought a nutcracker that would crack Brazil nuts and make the nut fairly easy to remove. I even cracked a couple and got the nut out in one piece, a first for me in cracking Brazil nuts at home. I kind of hated to buy bags of mixed nuts in the shell because of the Brazil nuts. With any of the crackers I'd used before it was no problem to crack the nut shell but the nut came out with a struggle, usually requiring a pick and ending up with the nut in little pieces and a good portion stuck in the shell. A waste and a hassle. The nutcracker also kicks butt cracking every other nut I've tried. I used it to open a whole bag of walnuts recently and once I got it set (easy to do) it went through all the nuts in record time. I'd call this a must-have if you like to shell nuts. I would definitely buy this nutcracker here at Agri Supply. Best price anywhere! I only wish I had found out about this great product and price sooner!

4 Stars Nut shell-off tool

from IL wrote (December 23, 2012):

After picking up about 20 lbs of pecans from my dad's pecan trees, I went on a mission to find a nut sheller to speed the process of shelling. Went to 6 stores and could not find the tool. Agri-Supply had a shelf full of these / bought 2. I will more than likely buy a bunch of these online (I live in Illinois where they may be impossible to find), and give them as gifts. The only con with this item is that the handle rivets become loose and will need to be replaced with nuts/bolts. Thanks Agri-Supply! Darryl Thomas