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Outrigger Assembly Furrow Filler for Disc Harrows

This Outrigger Assembly works well in conjunction with the proper end washer on a disc harrow, which can be purchased separately. With a slightly smaller diameter blade than what your harrow is running, it will help fill in the furrow that is cut while making your swath.
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Product Overview


  • Clamps around 26593 Outrigger Washer which would take the place of your existing end washer and would fit a 1-1/8" axle
  • Use 25748 18" Plain Disc Blade to fill the furrow in the soil left by the disc harrow as long as this size is slightly smaller than your cutting blades
  • If so desired, using a worn older disc blade would also work
  • The opening of the mounting end of the clamp will fit a 4-3/4 inch end washer
  • Body length is 7-1/2 inches
  • Overall length is 9-3/4 inches
  • For 1-1/8 inch axles
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