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Pacer® Pumps

Pacer® pumps are known for their high performance and handling even corrosive liquids. These pumps can also handle clear water, chemicals and herbicide transfers. Pacer® pumps also offer a variety of different styles of pumps, including gasoline engine driven, electric motor and EconoAg series. These pumps are light weight, low-cost and self-priming. Agri® Supply also carries replacement O-rings, seal kits, elbows, recoil assemblies, inlet/outlet body’s, impellers and much more.

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Poly Impeller Pacer Pump
image Pacer® Black Polyester 5 Vane Impeller for A&I Series Pumps (P-58-0683 30)
Item # 12708
$28.99 EA
3" T Pump 8 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
image 3" T Pump 8 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
Item # 32541
$1,499.66 EA
Pedestal Mounted Transfer Pump SE2JL PE
image 2" Pedestal Mounted Transfer Pump
Item # 12703
$249.99 EA
Hand Operated Pacer Pump
image Hand Operated Pacer Pump
Item # 12705
$159.99 EA
Impeller Vane For Pacer Pump
image Pacer® Black Polyester 4 Vane Impeller (P-58-0974 30)
Item # 12731
$28.99 EA
3" Port Pacer ® Centrifugal Pump, 6.5 Hp Briggs And Stratton Engine
image 3" Port PACER ® Centrifugal Pump, 6.5 HP B&S Engine
Item # 12698
$599.99 EA
Hydraulic Drive Pacer Pump
image Hydraulic Drive 2" Pacer Pump
Item # 31440
$554.99 EA
Hpn Hand Pump For Petroleum Products
Item # 12706
$164.99 EA
Recoil Assembly Fits 63269 - Hex Shaped
image Pacer Pump Recoil Assembly for the 2" S-Series Pump with 6HP Engine
Item # 74884
$47.66 EA
3" 90 Degree Street Elbow
image Pacer® Polypropylene 3" 90 Degree Street Elbow
Item # 66067
$14.99 EA
O Ring Buna Body For Pacer Pump
image Pacer® Buna-N Body O-ring for 'S' Series Pumps (P-58-0719 71)
Item # 12717
$13.99 EA
5 HP Pacer Agricultural Transfer Pump With Spacer Kit
image Pacer Pump 5 HP
Item # 36854
$544.99 EA
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