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Pet Supplies

Agri Supply has a Satisfaction Guarantee on all of your farm, agriculture, and outdoor needs, including pet grooming supplies for dogs or cats, pet vet supplies including norocillin and syringes, equine products including rope reins for horses and reining horse bits. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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slow feed hay net 36 black
image Weaver™ Slow Feed Hay Net 36-inch
Item # 111143
$18.99 EA
5/8 x 8 poly roper rein
image Weaver™ Poly Roper Reins 5/8" X 8'
Item # 111144
$17.99 EA
5/8 x 8 split rein water tie end
image Weaver™ Split Rein Water Tie
Item # 111146
$45.99 EA
5/8 x 7 horizons split rein
image Weaver™ Split Rein With Water Ties 5/8" X 7'
Item # 111147
$46.99 EA
5/8 x 7 split rein trail gear
image Weaver™ Split Rein With Water Ties 5/8" X 7'
Item # 111148
$31.99 EA
straight neoprene cinch 30
image Weaver™ Straight Neoprene Clinch 30"
Item # 111149
$58.99 EA
straight neoprene cinch 32
image Weaver™ Straight Neoprene Clinch 32"
Item # 111151
$58.99 EA
straight neoprene cinch 34
image Weaver™ Straight Neoprene Clinch 34"
Item # 111153
$58.99 EA
5 sweet iron snaffle bit
image Weaver™ All Purpose Bit with 5" Sweet Iron Snaffle Mouth and Copper Inlay
Item # 111154
$48.99 EA
5 tom thumb snaffle bit
image Weaver™ Tom Thumb Bit 5"
Item # 111155
$18.99 EA
5 all purpose ring snaffle bit
image Weaver™ 5" Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit
Item # 111156
$11.99 EA
5 sweet iron offset dee bit
image Weaver™ 5" Sweet Iron Offset Dee Snaffle Bit
Item # 111157
$39.99 EA
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If you're looking for pet supplies, let Agri Supply be your first and only stop. We have dog pet supplies in our well-stocked pet supply store and these include flea killers, shampoos, grooming tools, and dog kennels and carriers. Other essential pet products you'll discover in our pet supplies section are food and water bowls and dispensers, leashes and helpful pet medications. We also carry farm pet supplies to help with cleaning stalls, stables and pet homes.

For all of your pet supplies, consider the pet supply section at Agri Supply. Choose among quality dog pet supplies such as medications, leashes, carriers and kennels.

Want a variety of pet supplies when you're searching for pet products? We carry many dog pet supplies at Agri Supply as well as hundreds of products for farm pets, livestock and horses. Certainly we have essential pet products such as leashes, chokes, and carriers for your dogs and cats, but we also strive to stock a good assortment of medications and health products for your animals. So in our farm pet supplies you'll see items such as balms for wounds and to protect the skin and coats of your farm pets.

The many pet supplies we offer in our store include an extensive assortment of products for horses and livestock. We're much more than dog pet supplies, and one look at our equine supplies and you'll see that we care about your foals and horses too. Our equine pet products feature brushes, balms, and grooming tools for keeping your horses looking and feeling great. After your farm pet supplies purchases, be sure to check out our supply of more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden.