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Plain Disc Blades

Find plain disc blades at Agri Supply easily for your disc harrow or implement. Disc harrow blades help till your soil or chop remainder crops as well as plowing and hilling your field. We stock over 250,000 disc blades from 10" to 36" Plain or Notched. We currently import our disc blades from India , Brazil and China . All of our disc blades are heat treated to provide maximum resistance to breaking. Indian disc blades are 1070 Steel, 38-42 HRC. Brazilian disc blades are 1080 Steel 38-42 HRC, China disc blades are 65MN. 38-42 HRC. Raised Flat Center and Cone style disc blades are also available.

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20x6mm Plain Turbo Disc Blade
image Turbo Till Coulter Blade 20" x 6 MM
Item # 116671
$66.99 EA
Plain Disc Blade 22 x 4.5 MM 1-1/8 SCH 2-1/2 Concavity
image 22" x 4.5MM Plain Disc Blade 1-1/8" SCH 2-1/2" CONC
Item # 80283
$37.99 EA
Spiral Brush
image 20" x 4.5MM Plain Disc Blade - RFC 1-1/8" SCH 2-1/4" CONC
Item # 81327
$47.99 EA
Smooth Disc Blades
image 22" x 6mm Plain Disc Blade 1-1/2" SCH x 1-3/4" RCH 2-1/2" Conc
Item # 80059
$54.99 EA
20 Disc Blade, Plain, 4.76 MM, 1-1/8 Sq. Axle
image 20" x 4.76MM Plain Disc Blade 1-1/8" SCH 2-1/4" CONC
Item # 29738
$49.99 EA
disc blade
image 18" x 4.76MM Plain Disc Blade 1-1/8" SCH 1-3/4" CONC
Item # 80257
$28.99 EA
disc blade
image 22" x 6MM Plain Disc Blade 1-1/2" RCH 2-1/2" CONC
Item # 80297
$54.99 EA
Disc Blade, P209-118S 20 x 3.5 MM Smooth Blade with 1-1/8 SCH, 2-1/4Concavity
image 20" x 3.5MM Plain Disc Blade 1-1/8" SCH 2-1/4" CONC
Item # 80613
$24.99 EA
disc blade
image Plain Disc Blade, 16 In. x 3.5Mm
Item # 80231
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$17.99 EA
Plain Disc Blade, 18 x 3.5 MM, 1-1/8 X 1-1/4 SCH, 1-3/4 Concavity
image 18" x 3.5MM Plain Disc Blade, 1-1/8" x 1-1/4" SCH, 1-3/4" CONC
Item # 78723
$21.99 EA
disc blade
image 22" x 6MM Plain Disc Blade 1-1/8" x 1-1/4" SCH 2-1/2" CONC
Item # 80293
$47.99 EA
disc blade
image 14" x 3.5MM Plain Disc Blade 1" SCH 1-1/4" CONC
Item # 80223
$13.99 EA
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The plain disc blades available at Agri Supply are made with a unique manufacturing process for superior strength. While creating our disc harrow blades, each blade cross is rolled twice. With these disc harrow parts, each time the blades are processed, they are rolled against the opposite grain to greatly improve the strength of the metal. Order several agricultural discs to have extras on hand.

Select our plain disc tillage blades to till and invert your soil. You'll find disc harrow blades to fit many types of farm implements.

Plain disc blades at Agri Supply invert and till your soil so you can get your planting done. We offer disc harrow blades to fit a variety of axle styles. Best of all, these disc harrow parts are built to last. Our rugged agricultural discs easily rotate the top layer of soil with the nutrient-rich layer underground so you will get a better crop.

These plain disc blades are ideal for penetrating compact soil. The disc harrow blades we sell feature sharp cutting edges and excel as tillage tools. Find the disc harrow parts and replacement disc blades you need by checking out our more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden. From agricultural discs to chisel points, we offer something for everyone who makes a living off the land.