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Agri Supply® carries the PTO (power take off) shaft assembly that you need to supply power to your PTO powered equipment. Depending on if you are needing the complete PTO shaft, bearings, clutch, hubs or a replacement spring or nuts and bolt, Agri Supply® has you covered.

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Ax Pto Shaft Less Implement End Yoke Eurocardan
image AX8910 PTO Shaft Less Implement End Yoke
Item # 36280
$164.99 EA
AX6(44.8"OL) PTO Shaft
image AX6(44.8"OL)1-3/8"-6SPL X 1-3/4"-20 /FD2 Slip Clutch
Item # 81331
$369.99 EA
Rubber Flex Pad
image Rubber Flex Coupler Pad
Item # 107633
$30.99 EA
Ax4 (38ol) 1-3/8-21 Spl X
image AX4 (38"OL) 1-3/8"-21 SPL X 21 SPL
Item # 54980A
$174.99 EA
Ax1 (28ol) 1-3/8-6 Spl X 5/8
image AX1 (28"OL) 1-3/8"-6 SPL X 5/8"
Item # 51442A
$109.99 EA
Ax Ax Pto Shaft Eurocardan
image AX80122-1474
Item # 51607
$339.99 EA
Ax Spl Rd Ky Ss Eurocardan
image 8254134 AX4 44" Closed 1-3/8" 21 Spl x 1" Round with - 1/4" Keyway
Item # 33982
$194.99 EA
Slip Clutch 4#FF1 for Series 4 PTO Shaft Item 89797
image Grizzly® Slip Clutch 4#FF1 for Series 4 PTO Shaft Item 89797
Item # 124202
$78.99 EA
Ax Mm Qr Spl Spl Sc Eurocardan
image AX6 710MM/28
Item # 34243
$389.99 EA
PTO Shaft, AX6 1-3/8
image PTO Shaft, AX6 1-3/8
Item # 51445
$349.99 EA
PTO Shaft, 1-3/8
image PTO Shaft, 1-3/8 Inch With FD2 Slip Clutch
Item # 34193
$399.99 EA
Ax Spl Spl Eurocardan Pto Shaft
image AX1 610 24
Item # 33028
$119.99 EA
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PTO assemblies from Agri Supply ® are designed for a variety of types of equipment, such as post hole diggers, rototillers, mixers and mowers. We have PTO shafts and parts in different lengths and styles with different ends so you can get the PTO shaft accessories that will work right. Farm equipment parts must perform under strenuous conditions, which is why we offer Eurocardan PTO?s. PTO components for agricultural equipment is the core of their business.

Our PTO shafts & assemblies have features such as splines with metal collars on the tractor end and quick detach tractor ends. Our PTO shafts and parts include constant velocity heavy duty PTO shafts. Our PTO components include items such as pawl limiters, slip clutches, friction clutches, rubber flex pads and overrunning couplers. We have farm equipment parts for every need because we carry more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden.