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Agri Supply carries a varied selection of RKI Tool Boxes, that was formerly known as Rawson. RKI Boxes are high quality, durable, weather-resistant, and provide the security you want in a toolbox. We have steel and bright diamond treadplate toolboxes in the following styles, crossover boxes, under body, inner sides, and topsides. These boxes are also available in a black or white polyester powder coat finish.

Because your tools matter, RKI tool boxes from Agri Supply deliver protection and security. Our truck tool boxes are built rugged using steel and aluminum. Whether you choose RKI side tool boxes or underbody boxes, you can add accessories to maximize your truck utility boxes. In addition to pickup tool boxes, choose pickup truck accessories such as cylinders and keys, latches and tool trays.

We offer RKI tool boxes in a wide range of options to give you truck utility boxes that meet your unique needs. These truck tool boxes are ideal for hauling tools or recreation gear. And we're confident these side tool boxes, underbody boxes and other pickup truck accessories from RKI will deliver years of service. So much so, these truck bed boxes, like all our pickup truck accessories, come with our one-year guarantee.

Choose RKI tool boxes when lasting protection matters to you. We offer truck tool boxes in steel and aluminum for durable service.

Agri Supply carries RKI tool boxes and pickup truck accessories because we value quality as much as our customers do. Truck tool boxes and side tool boxes made of aluminum use diamond treadplate aluminum. Steel truck bed boxes are crafted of at least 14 gauge steel. Choose these pickup tool boxes for years of dependable service.

Rawson Koenig tool boxes are available with a variety of pickup truck accessories. You can equip your truck tool boxes with a tool tray. Or side tool boxes and truck bed boxes can be accessorized with keys and cylinders. These pickup tool boxes and pickup truck accessories protect and secure your tools and gear so you never have to worry about weather or thieves.

Rawson Koenig tool boxes from Agri Supply come in a variety of designs to meet your unique needs. Our truck tool boxes are available with side-opening doors, full-length lids or double lids. Low and upper side tool boxes give you a range of mounting options. Choose truck bed boxes that open and mount the way you want and need them to.

Rawson Koenig tool boxes will fit your pickup truck, whether you drive a mini or full-size pickup truck. Whatever truck tool boxes you choose, we promise satisfaction. Our side tool boxes and truck bed boxes come with a one-year guarantee, regardless of the manufacturer's warranty. So choose our pickup tool boxes to protect your tools and gear, and then browse the rest of our 26,000 products because we have something for everyone.