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Super 10 Garden and Pet Dust, Tiger Brand ®, 4 Lbs.

Item #18352
Super 10 garden and pet dust is an insecticide that is safe to use on your vegetables, dogs and cats. Use on plants to kill the insects that eat your delicate leaves. Use on dogs and cats for flea, tick, and lice control.
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Product Overview
Tiger Brand ® Super 10 garden and pet dust is a safe and effective insecticide. This dust can be applied to your dog or cat to help control and kill fleas, ticks, and lice. Super 10 can also be dusted onto your vegetable garden or ornamental flower garden to kill and repel insects that do damage to your garden leaves and blooms.

The active ingredient in Super 10 is permethrin. This insecticide is long lasting and can provide contact and residual control for up to 4 weeks. See packaging for application details.

  • Tiger Brand®
  • Super 10 Garden and Pet Dust
  • Active ingredient: Permethrin - 0.25%
  • For use on gardens and ornamental flower beds
  • For use on dogs and cats
  • Provides Residual Control for Up to 4 weeks
  • Plant Pest Control
  • Flea, Tick, and Lice Pet Control
  • Use as directed
  • 4 lb. Bag

This product is for sale and use in GA, NC, SC and VA.

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