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Water Tanks, Troughs, & Tubs

Use these tanks, troughs, and tubs for livestock waterers and feeders, planters, wash tubs, cement and morter, and many other applications. Agri Supply® features Tarter ® brand galvanized stock tanks, Tuff Stuff Products ™ brand tubs, and Behlen ® Country poly stock tanks just to name a few. Browse through these high quality water tanks, troughs, and tubs or check out our Livestock and Pets department for more.

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Tarter® Large Water Tank Stand
image Tarter® Large Water Tank Stand to Fit ASC # 83292
Item # 83293
$109.99 EA
Tarter® Round Versa 23
image Tarter® Round Versa 23
Item # 83290
$129.99 EA
Hog Trough, 2 Ft.
image Hog Trough, 2 Ft.
Item # 14693
$124.99 EA
Tarter® Water Tank Stand
image Tarter® Water Tank Stand fits ASC # 83290
Item # 83291
$89.99 EA
Deluxe Oval Tank, 40 Gallon
image Deluxe Oval Tank, 40 Gallon
Item # 86854
$71.99 EA
Oval Tank, 180 Gallon
image Oval Tank, 180 Gallon
Item # 39389
$194.99 EA
Oval Tank, 140 Gallon
image Oval Tank, 140 Gallon
Item # 39390
$164.99 EA
Tarter® Oval Dura Tall 70
image Tarter® Oval Dura Tall 70
Item # 14728
$149.99 EA
In stores only
Bung With Gasket
Item # 54767
$11.99 EA
Poly Stock Watering Tank
image Behlen ® Country 2' x 2' x 5' Round-End Poly Stock Tank
Item # 33202
$244.88 EA
drain plug for behlen poly tanks
image Drain Plug 1 1/4" For Behlen® Poly Tanks
Item # 119261
$11.99 EA
sheep tank 33 gal green
image Tuff Stuff Products™ 33 Gallon Green Sheep Tank
Item # 110053
$45.99 EA
In stores only
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Stock tanks for the barn, for the corral or for the pasture can be found at Agri Supply. Our livestock tanks have rolled rims so the animals don't hurt themselves and drain plugs in the bottom for easy emptying so you can wash them. Stock water tanks can be made of blue or black poly or shiny steel in all sorts of shapes and configurations.

Stock tanks are crucial pieces of livestock equipment, keeping your animals hydrated, and Agri Supply has many choices, in different sizes and materials. Supplying the right water trough depends on the kind of stock you have and how many head, plus you will want to consider environmental conditions and space limits. Livestock tanks can be galvanized or poly with different oval shapes holding anywhere from 35 gallons to 390 gallons. Galvanized stock tanks fabricated at Liberty Water Tanks, for instance, use flat, rolled steel coated with heavy-duty zinc G90 carefully cut, shaped and welded for durability and performance.