Terro ® Ant Killer II, 1 Oz.


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Just a drop of Terro ® ant killer will help attract and eliminate common household ants. Place this liquid ant killer along commonly used trails for ant control. Ant will come in droves and survive to take the bait back to their colony. The active ingredient in this ant killer is Borax. Use as directed.

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It may take up to two weeks to completely control an ant colony but Terro® Ant Killer II is easy to use and effective. Place several baits in areas commonly used by ants. Ants will come in droves to feast on this liquid. Made with Borax, the ant killer will allow working ants to live long enough to take the Terro back to the colony and share. Eliminating the colony is key to household ant elimination.


  • Terro ® Ant Killer II
  • Net contents: 1 Oz.
  • Active ingredient: sodium tetraborate decahydrate (borax) - 5.40 %
  • May take up to two weeks to eliminate an ant colony
  • Use as directed

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