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Cookers, roasters, fryers, and bakeware are all essentials for the Thanksgiving holidays.

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Carolina Cooker® Replacement Burner
image Carolina Cooker® Replacement Burner
Item # 75679
$24.99 EA
marinade injector 2oz
image Bayou Classic® 2 ounce Marinade Injector
Item # 127347A
$9.99 EA
Carolina Cooker® 10-Quart Preseasoned Oval Roaster
image Carolina Cooker® 10-Quart Cast Iron Oval Roaster
Item # 126974
$89.99 EA
Carolina Cooker® Preseasoned 9 in. Pie Pan
image Carolina Cooker® 9" Preseasoned Pie Pan
Item # 126973
$27.99 EA
Carolina Cooker® Preseasoned 11 Cup Muffin Pan
image Carolina Cooker® 11 Cup Preseasoned Muffin Pan
Item # 126931
$24.99 EA
Carolina Cooker® Outdoor Gas Grill, 2 Ft. x 4 Ft.
image Carolina Cooker® Outdoor Gas Grill, 2 Ft. x 4 Ft.
Item # 107828A
$999.99 EA
Granite Ware® Covered Oval Roaster 15 - 18 LBS
image Granite Ware® 18" Covered Oval Roaster
Item # 87135
$23.99 EA
pocket thermometer 0-220f
image Browne Pocket Test Thermometer 0 to 220 Degrees Fahrenheit
Item # 108964A
$7.99 EA
deep fry thermometer 12
image Browne 12" Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer 50 to 550 Degrees Fahrenheit
Item # 126679
$21.99 EA
Covered Rectangle Roaster GraniteWare®
image Covered Rectangle Roaster GraniteWare®
Item # 76351
$46.99 EA
In stores only
Wireless Meat Thermometer
image Wireless Meat Thermometer
Item # 79714
$47.99 EA
Turkey Fixins, Original Marinade Mix, 3 Oz.
image Turkey Fixin's, Original Marinade Mix, 3 Oz.
Item # 40745
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$3.99 EA
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