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Shop Towels & Rags

Check out Agri Supply’s wide selection of super absorbent Towels & Rags for use in the shop or at home. Used to dry or clean up liquids or remove dirt & grime, Agri Supply’s box of Scott Rags comes with either 85 or 200 rags with easy individual extraction. Also choose from shop towels in 10-packs, durable for any kind of spill. Rely on Agri Supply for your towel & rag needs.

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SCOTT Rags, 200 Count Box
image SCOTT® Rags, 200 Count Box
Item # 31135
$14.99 EA
Blue Shop Towels, 1 Roll
image Scott ® Blue Shop Towels, 1 Roll
Item # 31750
$3.49 RL
Pig Absorbent Mat Roll Medium Weight
image PIG® Absorbent Mat Roll, Medium Weight, 30" x 150'
Item # 116492
$169.99 EA
Scott® Rags in a Box, 85 Count
image Scott® Rags in a Box, 85 Count
Item # 32211
$12.66 EA
Ro Terry Towel Piece
image RO9480129 12PC TERRY TOWEL
Item # 48195
$26.99 RL
Bar Mops, 12 Piece, Grade A
image Bar Mops, 12 Piece, Grade A
Item # 76665
$14.99 EA
Shop Towels, 10  Pack
image Shop Towels, 10 Pack
Item # 28835
$5.99 PK
Pig Bucket Of Wipes
image Pig® Bucket of Wipes
Item # 123272
$104.99 EA
Shop Towels, 25 Pack
image Shop Towels, 25 Pack
Item # 70455
$11.99 EA
Utility Pad Quilted
image Utility Pad Quilted 72" x 80"
Item # 32941
$31.66 EA
Absorbent Mat Pad Med Wgt 100/bx
image PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad, Medium Weight, 100 per Box
Item # 116493
$91.99 BX
New Pig Universal Spill Kit 45300
image PIG® Universal Spill Kit
Item # 116494
$61.99 EA

Use shop towels from Agri Supply when you want absorbent towels for your garage or workshop. Along with towel packs, we carry an assortment of utility pads, hand wipes, disposable towels and other automotive shop supplies. Durable Scott rags are especially popular, as are rolls of Scott blue shop towels. From rags in a box to thousands of supplies for home, shop, farm and garden, we offer the variety you need - and the customer service you expect.

From shop towels to utility pads and other automotive shop supplies, we have you covered. Check out our towel packs, rags in a box, hand wipes and disposable towels to keep your work area safe and clean.

Select shop towels at Agri Supply for strong, absorbent towels that stay soft enough to use on hands and tools. Towel packs are just the beginning of our automotive shop supplies, all of which carry an automatic one-year guarantee. Try washable Scott rags, reusable terry towels or disposable towels, depending on your needs. Whether you want rags in a box, utility pads or hand wipes, we're glad to answer any questions you have - and we're happy to provide the customer satisfaction you deserve.