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Tractor Tires

Tractor tires start showing their age after years in the field with cracks or bubbles, and Agri Supply has replacement agricultural tractor tires. Our farm tractor tires come in different sizes and styles so you can match your tractor tires to your agricultural needs. We have front and rear tractor tires as well as tractor tire tubes. Our farm and tractor accessories offer quality and affordability for customer satisfaction.

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Super Float Wagon Tube Type 8 Ply
image 11L-16SL Implement Tire
Item # 16580
$114.99 EA
14.9" x 30" 10 Ply Rear Tractor Tire
image Rear Tractor Tire 10 Ply 14.9 Inch By 30 Inch
Item # 41213
$559.99 EA
Sl Tractor Front Ply
Item # 31560
$81.99 EA
Front Tractor Tire, 12 PLY, 11.00-16SL
image Front Tractor Tire, 12 PLY, 11.00-16SL
Item # 16570
$239.99 EA
Galaxy - 23 X 8.50-14r4-6 Ply Tire - 102045
image Galaxy - 23 X 8.50-14R4-6 PLY TIRE - 102045
Item # 118206
$159.99 EA
Galaxy - 23 X 8.50-12R3-6 PLY -  XD 2010 R-4 - 111833
image Galaxy - 23x8.5-12 - XD 2010 R3-6 - 111833
Item # 118207
$134.99 EA
Power King 27 X 8.5-15r4-8 Ply Tire
image Power King - 27 X 8.5-15D4-8 PLY TIRE
Item # 118208
$164.99 EA
Deestone 31 X 15.5-15 NHS 4-10 PLY TIRE DS6161
image Deestone 31 X 15.5-15 NHS 4-10 PLY TIRE DS6161
Item # 118209
$339.99 EA
16.9-28 8 Ply Tractor Tire R-1
image 16.9-28 8 Ply Tractor Tire R-1
Item # 102217
$569.99 EA
Ply Implement Tire
image 12.5 x 16" 14 Ply Implement Tire
Item # 49171
$259.99 EA
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Tractor tires wear out with long hours in the field, and Agri Supply has the replacements you need. Farm tractor tires have to be sturdy for the enormous stresses put on them pulling implements and working in the field. Tractor tire tubes also have to be strong because tractors aren’t light. We have front and rear tractor tires in a range of sizes and classifications.

We have tractor tires from 4 ply to 8 ply so you can order as much strength as you require for the way you use your tractor. Replace farm tractor tires before you have a breakdown so you’re not stuck in the field, far from your tools. Swap tractor tire tubes for agricultural tractor tires to avoid bursts or slow leaks. Our farm and tractor accessories are part of our selection of more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden.