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Trap Wax, 1 Lb. Block

Item #101581
Allow your traps to operate smoothly by coating them with trap wax. This 1 lb. block of wax can easily be melted to create a thin layer that will not crack after being applied onto the trap. It also works effectively to eliminate any human odor that may ward off prey.
Product Overview

Improve the quality of your traps for effective results by using this 1 lb. block of odorless wax. Simply melt this trapping wax with boiling water, submerge a trap into the liquid, then lift it out and let it dry. This wax coating provides a smooth layer that allows metal pieces to not stick. The layer helps mask any odors it picked up from handling, and it prevents new outdoor odors from altering the trap. It stays intact without cracking or flaking, and helps resist rust. This trapping wax also seals dye treated traps so that the dye does not rub off over time or detract prey with its strong scent.

  • Trap Wax
  • Size: 1 lb. block
  • Smoother trap operation
  • Helps eliminate foreign odors
  • Non-cracking
  • Seals dye treated traps
  • Helps prevent rust
  • Boil block with water and submerge trap for wax coverage
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