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From flaming weeds to thawing ice, Red Dragon® Vapor Propane Torch Kit can be used for multiple purposes. It expels 500,000 BTUs and a 2,000® flame. It is CSA certified and gives out 30 PSI while able to be used with any refillable propane tank.

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For flaming weeds, melting snow, and sterilization, look no further than the VT 2 1/2-24 CE vapor propane torch kit by Red Dragon®. This propane torch kit is a non-chemical weed control, allowing for little to no need for spraying chemicals. With its portable flame, this CSA certified exhumes 30 PSI with a 2,000® flame. This propane torch kit is to be used with any vapor withdrawal cylinder, refillable propane tank, and gas grill tanks work great as well, though disposable tanks should not be used.

While this torch expels 500,000 BTUs, it has a numerous amount of uses. The torch comes with a UL listed POL cylinder connector with built in safety check, a flame adjusting needle valve, and a pipe thread compound. It also has a 24 inch handle with a 10 foot UL thermo-plastic rubber LP-gas hose, totaling to the torch's 30 inch length. With no regulator needed, one can use this torch to melt snow and ice, thaw pipes, and start charcoal fires. It can also be used to sterilize nonflammable animal cages and pens, burn off weeds, and much more.


  • Red Dragon® model VT 2 1/2-24 CE
  • 500,000 BTU vapor torch
  • Portable flame
  • Outputs 30 PSI
  • 24 in. handle, 30 in. total length
  • Can be used with any refillable propane tank
  • 2,000® flame temperature
  • Numerous uses including burning weeds, thawing and melting ice, and sterilizing

  500,000 BTU TORCH KIT in Propane Torch Kits & Accessories and Welding Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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