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The Vidalia Onion Cooker is a convenient tool that helps you cook fresh vegetables in minutes. Pop a peeled Vidalia Onion into this handy kitchen gadget, place it in your microwave, and you will have a delicious addition to your meal in a flash. It's also great for garlic and fresh vegetables. See the description below for more details.

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The Vidalia Microwave Onion Cooker by Vidalia brands is an amazing tool for making a quick and easy meal. Use it to cook fresh onions, fresh garlic, or even vegetables in your microwave in minutes. Use this handy kitchen aid to prepare a delicious side dish, French Onion soup, or even to prepare onions for a home-cooked meal.

This microwave cookware brings the sweet taste of Vidalia Onions to your kitchen without tears or a mess. Simply remove the outer layer, pop the onion in the convenient onion cooker, and add butter or bouillon. For a more healthy twist, simply cook the onion without the butter. It's simple and delicious.

The Vidalia Onion Cooker cooks quickly and leaves no mess. Your onions, garlic, and other vegetables will cook in minutes, and this microwave cookware is dishwasher safe.

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5 Stars Vadalia Onion Cooker


Joyce Anderson ~ Dakota, Illinois from IL wrote (May 16, 2014):

I Purchased one several years ago when the Shriner's in Freeport, IL. were selling Vadalia onions for their annual Children's Hospital Fund Raiser. After cutting the top and root off and peeling, I cut half way down through the onion making four crosr cuts like cutting a pie. Then dab with butter, sprinkle with salt and pepper and cook for 5 mins., then letting it set for a minute or so. Slide onto a plate and sprinkle with paremeasan cheese. SOOOOO DELICIOUS! My hubby and I can make a meal out of each having an onion. Last week I ordered I ordered two doz. fron Agri Supply to give for gifts. A neighbor friend of mine bought a half doz. from me the day they arrived in the mail. I just read in review that someone else steams apples. Will try this fall adding a dab of butter and sprinkling with cinnamon nad a little sugar.

5 Stars AWESOME!

Big T from GA wrote (April 05, 2014):

These are great! I own several of these cookers. It cooks a perfect onion everytime. Have been over to friends grilling and they will have onion in foil on grill. We get ready to eat and onion not cooked long enough. They will say "I have to get some of those onion cookers like you have".

5 Stars Best there is


Erik from FL wrote (September 27, 2013):

My First came with a Bag of Vidalea Onions! I love it! I disagree with butter-sugar additives! 3 minutes, "on High" and you get a "Sugary sweet Cooked Onion! I just bought 10 from Ag Supply, for friends and family!

5 Stars Great invention !!!


Shopper Shirl from ON wrote (September 17, 2013):

I will be ordering a few right now for myself and friends. One of my friends has one and it really works great. Excited that I found your site. Shirley, Ontario, Canada

5 Stars GREAT Product


Blenda from MI wrote (May 12, 2013):

I have used this cooker for several years and really like the way it works for onions. They're tender, juicy and delicious...if you like cooked onions.

5 Stars apples, too

Susan from NJ wrote (October 10, 2012):

In addition to perfectly cooking onions, it will also cook a small Macintosh apple.

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