Wire Cups and Brushes For Drills

Check out Agri Supply’s huge selection of Wire Cups & Brushes for Drills in a variety of sizes, styles and brands. Used to remove rust, paint, and scale, these brushes are durable and effective and available in a variety of sizing options. Agri Supply carries a variety of sizes in crimped wire cup brushes or mounted cup brushes so you'll always find the right fit.

Get a wire cup brush at Agri Supply in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 6 inches with knot or crimped wires. A round wire brush can be used to clean up tools or buff out a quarter panel or take the paint off a window frame. Get a wire brush wheel to use with an angle grinder, electric drill or bench grinder. We have mounted grinding wheels in various sizes and shapes for working with harder steels.

Screw on a wire cup brush and you're ready to strip paint or remove rust from any surface. The right round wire brush makes short work of scrubbing jobs.

A wire cup brush is a great tool for removing weld scale, rust and paint quickly and easily, and Agri Supply has a range of choices for angle grinders and drills. Get a round wire brush with a crimped or knotted wire or go for a knotted wire bevel brush to get different levels of scrubbing action. Get a wire brush wheel for use with bench grinders for a variety of metal work. Shank mounted grinding wheels come in different shapes for different jobs.

Get a wire cup brush for deburring metal after cutting and for polishing different alloys so that a finished product is smooth and looks good. A round wire brush is just the tool for heavy duty cleaning of larger surfaces or getting rid of corrosion. Get a wire brush wheel that works with angle grinders or find ones that work with drills. Get accessories for hand tools among our more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden.