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Bale Movers, Spears, Feeders, & More

Bale moving is one of the biggest tasks on the farm, and every farmer knows that good quality bale movers can make all the difference, saving you both time and effort. Let Agri Supply® help cut your bale moving time in half with our superior selection of bale movers for sale. With our wide selection of over 26,000 items, you’re sure to find what you need to get even the toughest jobs on the farm done right and efficiently. Allow us to help you find the best supplies for the job at hand.

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Carry All Point Hitch
image Carry All 3-Point Hitch
Item # 36236
$279.99 EA
Poly Wall Feeder Brackets
image Poly Wall Feeder w/Brackets
Item # 40583
$239.99 EA
Bale Spear Bushing for ASC #49664
image Bale Spear Bushing to Fit ASC # 49664
Item # 102192
$11.88 EA
In stores only
20x 1-1/2stabilizer spear
image Stabilizer Spear 20 inch x 1-1/2 inch
Item # 106673
$24.99 EA
Horse Feed Bunk Foot
image Horse Feed Bunk 5 Foot
Item # 36908
$199.99 EA
3-Point Hay Bale Mover with 2 Bale Spears
image 3-Point Hay Bale Mover with 2 Bale Spears
Item # 88612
$219.99 EA
3-Point Hay Bale Mover
image 3-Point Hay Bale Mover Category 1
Item # 88611
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$149.99 EA
Three Point Bale Spear
image Three Point Bale Spear
Item # 65054
$319.99 EA
Bale Spear Nut
image Ribbed Bale Spear, 43 In., Nut Included, Conus 2
Item # 53724
$69.99 EA
Tarter®  S-Bar Hay Feeder, Hay Saver, 8 Ft. Diameter
image Tarter® S-Bar Hay Feeder, Hay Saver, 8 ft. Diameter
Item # 53564
The average rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars
$499.88 EA
In stores only
Single Bale Spear
image Single Bale Spear
Item # 81346
$759.88 EA
Double Bale Spear
image Double Bale Spear
Item # 81347
$939.88 EA
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Move hay bales quickly and efficiently with our bale spears for sale, and look no further for a great value on 3-point bale movers and replacement bale spears. As always, quality and assurance are top priority at Agri Supply - our tapered bale spears are heat treated for longer lasting transportation of hay bales. Not only do we offer an excellent selection of bale spears, bale spear bushings, conical nuts, bale pallet forks and movers, we also have bucket and front mount hay bale spear attachments.

Need guidance on the right bale mover for you? Our experts are here to help. And, remember, at Agri Supply® we stand behind our products. Every non-perishable item that we sell is backed by a one-year guarantee. Our aim is for you to find exactly what you need, and buy with confidence.