Carolina Cooker ®

Carolina Cooker® was established in 2007, with the desire to bring everything you need cooking related under one brand. Carolina Cooker®,by Agri Supply®, has over 50 years of knowledge and thought that has gone into every product. With a wide variety of cooking burners and fryers, to different styles of cast iron cookware and accessories, Carolina Cooker® has what you need to dish up great food. Whether you're tailgating, camping, grilling at your house or cooking for a large number of people, Carolina Cooker’s great selection and prices make it your go to brand for cooking needs.
Have a new Carolina Cooker skillet or washpot or an old cast iron piece that needs to be seasoned, check out our how to season cast iron or remove wax coating page.

Visit the Carolina Cooker website for cast iron cookware recipes and more.