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Ferroni MLI-25 roller pump, is a high volume, high pressure pump used mostly for spraying, weed killing (with 20 or more nozzles on a bar), and washing. It can be used for non-corrosive liquid transfer with unattached hose, as a small acreage irrigation unit with or without sprinklers, and it can be used even on hilly ground. The roller pump is PTO driven.

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The roller pump consists of cast iron housing, a rotor with nylon rollers, a cover, two hose connections, a chain for rigid fastening on tractor and a brass valve for pressure regulation.

This pump rotates in a counter clockwise direction only and fits a 540 spline PTO shaft. The technical features are a 1 inch inlet, 3/4 inch outlet, maximum delivery 48 GPM, maximum pressure 365 PSI, maximum head 820 feet, maximum self priming distance 20 feet, maximum revolutions per minute 600, maximum self priming distance with a foot valve 30 feet, and a maximum absorbed power 4 KW.

This pump cannot be used for liquid nitrogen or liquid fertilizer. The pump works well for the larger booms on some equipment on today's farms.


  • Ferroni brand
  • Model MLI-25
  • 1 in. inlet, 3/4 in. outlet
  • Up to 48 GPM
  • Up to 365 PSI
  • Built-in 540 coupler
  • Built-in regulator
  • Fitting for inlet: ASC #16829
  • Repair kit: ASC #27324
  • Fits a 540 splines PTO shaft
  • Inlet: 1.18 in.
  • Outlet: 0.7486 in.
  • Revolutions per minute: 600
  • Absorbed power: 5.5 HP
  • Counter clockwise rotation
  • Discharge-washing: 18.49 gpm
  • Discharge-watering: 47.56 gpm
  • Height: 9.85 in.
  • Length: 8.66 in.
  • Width: 7.48 in.
  • Cannot use for liquid nitrogen or liquid fertilizer

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars Great little pump


SA Smith from AZ wrote (October 13, 2020):

I bought this pump to mount on the PTO of my old ) Willys Jeep to irrigate some shade trees along an irrigation canal in Central Arizona. When the trees are mature, the roots can tap canal seepage, but the young trees need a lot of water in the hot AZ summer. The lift from the canal is about 5-8 feet, and sometimes there is only a couple of inches of water flowing in the bottom of the canal. I made a suction strainer using a piece of 1-inch PVC pipe and insect screen. At idle speed (PTO at about 25-30 rpm), the pump puts out about 6-8 gpm, which is perfect for my application.

5 Stars What a pump

Aaron Davenport from MI wrote (August 14, 2015):

Background: I am/got married in Sept 2015, and had the part in a backfield. Prep included flattening an acre and planting a lawn. I had no good way to water the new grass so I set about designing a watering system (I'm an engineer). I got 2, 1-inch impact sprinklers and 1000 ft of 3/4" hose for the discharge. On the suction side I ran 200 feet of 1" sch 40 PVC with a foot valve to a floating suction in a spring fed pothole pond. This little giant of a pump managed to self prime and has been running the sprinkler setup 3 times a week during a pretty dry July/August. The field is lush and green and this little pump has been a beast. I run it off the PTO of a MF 1552. Pressure runs around 125psi at the pump, 78psi at the furthest sprinkler. Can't say enough good things.

5 Stars Tremendous pump


Harold from LA wrote (May 11, 2014):

I've used this pump now for several years and have been very pleased with its ease of use, easy maintenance, and versatility. From fire watch, to high volume/pressure chemical application, this pump will deliver. If you ever need parts, the very friendly ASC parts group is more than capable to help you. I let my pump freeze one year and ASC had the parts in stock. Got me going in a very short time.

5 Stars Ferroni PTO Pump


Richard Swint from TX wrote (August 12, 2013):

This pump works.First purchased in June 2006, not used every year. Used for pasture sprayer, much superior to other similar PTO pumps, operates like new this year, 2013 for pressure and flow.

5 Stars Fire Pump

Steve from GA wrote (February 02, 2013):

This is a high pressure pump. I use it on a 250 Gal tank to help supress fire when I'm burning off around the Farm. Works like a champ!

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