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With the tools and the supplies offered here at Agri Supply® we carry just about any type of utility equipment needed for your home and shop. Install a foundation at a work site or set a new patio with our masonry tools and cement mixers. If you need to simply stock your garage and shop with tools, be sure to view our wrench sets, ratchet wrenches, hammers and tool boxes. Shop our selection of cooling fans and exhaust fans for ventilation while working. We also carry hand trucks, jacks and dollies to make moving heavy equipment or machinery easier. From hoists to air tanks and even propane torch kits, we are certain our large variety of over 3,500 tools and equipment can readily supply your home and shop.

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6 In. Solid Drain Pipe, HDPE, 100 Ft. Long
image 6 In. Solid Drain Pipe, HDPE, 100 Ft. Long
Item # 10995
$289.99 RL
In stores only
Clevis Grab Hook Heat Treated Ptd Red
image Clevis Grab Hook For Chain 3/8" With Pin
Item # 17110
$10.99 EA
Hp Convertible Pump Injector Jet
image Flotec FP422 Cast Iron Convertible Jet Pump 3/4 Horsepower
Item # 21158
$519.99 EA
Pig Absorbent Mat Roll Medium Weight
image PIG® Absorbent Mat Roll, Medium Weight, 30" x 150'
Item # 116492
$169.99 EA
50 ft, Drop Cord 10 Gauge
image 50 ft, Outdoor Extension Cord, 10 Gauge
Item # 107904
$99.99 EA
Rotella 15W40 Oil 5 Gal
image Shell Rotella® 15W40 Oil 5 Gallon Bucket
Item # 106499
$99.99 EA
In stores only
High Detergent SAE 30 WT Motor Oil, 1 Qt.
image High Detergent SAE 30 WT Motor Oil, 1 Qt.
Item # 16304
$5.49 EA
Stake Rebar
image 1/2" x 16" Rebar Stake
Item # 51212
$5.49 EA
Race Jack Aluminum Ton
image Torin T84025 Aluminum and Steel Racing Jack 2.5 Ton Floor Jack
Item # 57605
$239.99 EA
Locking Clamps Swivel Pads Sp
image Vise-Grip® The Original™ 18SP® Locking C-Clamp with Swivel Pads
Item # 21857
$47.99 EA
aluminum heavy duty grease gun
image Performance Tool® Aluminum Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun
Item # 124400
$33.99 EA
Crc Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner State Formula
image Brakleen® 50-State
Item # 72699
$7.99 EA
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