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Agri Supply® offers a basic DIY tools and essential supplies essential for any homeowner such as utility mats for projects, gorilla or duct tape for any fix, and trash bags for cleanup.

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4 X 6 Rubber Horse Stable Mat
image 4' x 6' Rubber Horse Stable Mat
Item # 110760
$49.99 EA
In stores only
Utility Mat, 60 In. x 120 In.
image Utility Mat, 60 In. x 120 In.
Item # 61574
$149.99 EA
Mi Iron Root Anchor With Twin Helix
image Class 2 Iron Root Double Head Helix Home Anchors, Model MI223/4
Item # 23520
$17.99 EA
Utility Mat, 48 In. x 96 In.
image Utility Mat, 48 In. x 96 In.
Item # 61573
$96.99 EA
Gorilla Tape, 35 Yards
image Gorilla® Tape, 35 Yards
Item # 63141
$11.66 RL
In stores only
Ducttape, Multi-Purpose Duct Tape, 1.88 In. X 60.15 Yd
image DuctTape®, Multi-purpose Duct Tape, 1.88 In. x 60 Yd.
Item # 57334
$9.49 EA
Mi Iron Root Anchor Helix
Item # 23515
$21.99 EA
In stores only
Ms Galv Strap
image MS-35, 35' x 1 1/4" Galvanized Strap
Item # 23516
$25.99 EA
Bbbisb Strap Bolt
image Strap Bolt
Item # 23521
$2.49 EA
Mbu Steel Strap Buckle
image Double Slot Strap Buckle
Item # 23518
$1.49 EA
Mht Strap Frame Adapters Strap
Item # 23519
$8.49 EA
Poly Patch Tape To Repair Greenhouses
image Poly Patch Tape 3" X 45'
Item # 41655
$32.99 RL
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If you're hunting for home supplies and looking for a wide selection, then discover the cleaning supplies section at Agri Supply. We have essential cleaning supplies like our 54-inch wet mops that are zinc-plated and come in either a flip-top or spring style. Pick up vital maintenance supplies, including professional strength drain cleaners, septic tank cleaners, and RV and marine holding tank treatments. Our maintenance and hardware stores also stock household items that you won't want to be without, such as duct tape, tape packaging, and ¼-inch utility mats.

For a variety of home supplies, including maintenance supplies, check out the cleaning supplies section at Agri Supply. Our large cleaning supplies range from mops and buckets to furnace filters, glue guns, and utility mats.

When you need home supplies that are essential to your household, farm and shop, head to the cleaning supplies section at Agri Supply. You'll see that our cleaning supplies include necessities such as mops that run up to 60 inches long and feature strong wooden handles and zinc plating. Maintenance supplies that you won't want to be without include our line of liquid cleaners for septic tanks, RV and marine holding tanks, and home drains. Like many hardware stores, we offer professional grade items and a range of products so you could even pick up a new mailbox for your home in our store.

Stock up on home supplies like packaging tapes and duct tape when you visit our cleaning and home supplies section. Along with vital cleaning supplies like rubber buckets and pails, we carry strong, double-adhesive Gorilla tape, which is made to stick to tough and uneven surfaces like plaster, brick, wood, and stone. Our maintenance supplies feature rust and iron removers in liquid form as well as liquids to attack lime and other hard water deposits. Our hardware stores and cleaning supplies sections are only the start of the many items we offer for your home and yard with more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden.