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Tape & Adhesives

Stock up on tapes at Agri Supply so that you’re prepared for any household quick fix or repair with the right tape for the job. We have masking tape in rolls that contain up to 60 yards of strong masking tape. We also carry clear duct tape such as our transparent Scotch® tape that won’t fall apart even in extreme temperatures. Investigate Gorilla tape, which is a super-strong tape made to stick on uneven surfaces like brick, wood, stone, and plaster.

Gorilla Tape, 35 Yards
image Gorilla® Tape, 35 Yards
$10.99 RL
Ducttape, Multi-Purpose Duct Tape, 1.88 In. X 60.15 Yd
image DuctTape®, Multi-purpose Duct Tape, 1.88 In. x 60 Yd.
$9.99 EA
Poly Patch Tape To Repair Greenhouses
image Poly Patch Tape 3" X 45'
$35.99 RL
Gorilla Tape, Mossy Camo Tape
image Gorilla Tape, Mossy Camo Tape
$8.99 RL
Black Batten Tape Strap For Greenhouses
$23.99 RL
Durapatch Uv Adhesive Patch 3x6
image Durapatch UV™ Adhesive Patch Kit, 3" x 6"
$20.99 EA
Gorilla Duct Tape, White, 30 Yard
image Gorilla® Duct Tape, White, 1.88"x30 Yard
$13.99 RL
Electrical Tape
image Vinyl Indoor Black Electrical Tape 18MM x 20 M
$3.49 EA
Gorilla Tape Tough and Wide
image Gorilla® Tape Tough and Wide Duct Tape 2.88" x 30 Yd
$19.99 RL
3M™ Pro Strength Duct Tape 1.88 Inches Wide x 60 Yards Length
image 3M™ Pro Strength Duct Tape 1.88 In. x 60 Yds
$12.99 RL
3M™ Pro Strength Duct Tape 1.88 x 30 Yards - Gray
image 3M™ Pro Strength Duct Tape 1.88 In. x 30 Yards - Gray
$9.99 RL
Duct Tape 1.88 X 60 Yds 3m
image 3M Multi-Use 1.88 in. x 60 yds. Duct Tape
$12.99 RL
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