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Livestock Supplies

Keeping your livestock fed, hydrated and safe from the elements is always on the owners mind. With over 500 livestock products, Agri Supply® can keep your livestock in good health all year-round. Products ranging from chicken coops, water tanks, feed and feeders, Agri Supply® has all the livestock necessities.

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Hog Waterer Cup Type
Item # 24917
$67.99 EA
Oval Tank, 110 Gallon
image Oval Tank, 110 Gallon
Item # 39391
$109.99 EA
Sure Latch Gate Wheel, 8 In.
image Sure Latch Gate Wheel, 8 In.
Item # 101135
$15.99 EA
3 Button Remote Transmitter
image Ghost Controls® 3 Button Remote Transmitter
Item # 109963
$35.99 EA
Kalbach® Thermo-Lix® 24/16 Tub for Beef Cattle
image Kalbach® Thermo-Lix® 24/16 Tub for Beef Cattle
Item # 130550
$99.82 EA
In stores only
Kalmbach® 22% Start-To-Finish Meatbird 50 Lb.
image Kalmbach® 22% Start-To-Finish Meatbird 50 Lb.
Item # 130563
$22.21 EA
In stores only
Poultry And Game Bird Waterer Gallon
image 5 Gallon Plastic Poultry and Game Bird Waterer
Item # 39079
$55.99 EA
power porker grower/finisher
image Kalmbach® Power Porker® Grower Finisher Swine Feed
Item # 130206
$20.92 EA
In stores only
Float Valve For Stock Water Tanks
image Float Valve For Stock Water Tanks
Item # 11359
$28.99 EA
25lb Deer Lick Apple Block
image Mighty Deer Lick® 25lb. Sweet Apple Blocks
Item # 122440
$21.99 EA
In stores only
Game Bird Conditioner Feed, 50 lbs.
image Game Bird Conditioner Feed, 50 lbs.
Item # 103750
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
Call for price
In stores only
16% flock maintainer non-gmo
image Kalmbach 16% Flock Maintainer® (Non-GMO Pellet)
Item # 131034
$24.39 EA
In stores only
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Find livestock supplies ranging from hay feeders to gate equipment at Agri Supply, which has something for everyone. Our cattle feeders alone provide many choices, including bunk feeders, bull feeders, liquid feeders and calf creep feeders. We also carry poultry supplies, such as hanging feeders and range feeders, as well as rabbit hutches, goat equipment and dog food. Or choose calf bottles, holders and nipples from our assortment of farm supplies.

Stocking up on livestock supplies is easy, because we offer everything from hog feeders to rabbit hutches. We carry an assortment of cattle feeders, too, as well as calf bottles, hay feeders and poultry supplies.

For all the livestock supplies you need, look first to Agri Supply, which offers more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden. We carry cattle feeders, water tanks and troughs, as well as grooming supplies and heating pads. You'll find poultry supplies, too, and farm supplies for animals ranging from hogs and goats to rabbits and dogs. Whether calf bottles or rabbit hutches are called for or hay feeders or gate equipment, we have something for everyone.

Count on our livestock supplies for quality and variety. Our cattle feeders include liquid feeders, bunk feeders, calf creep feeders and bull feeders that protect feed from rain, snow and dirt. Browse poultry supplies for hanging feeders, range feeders, feeder/waterers and an assortment of chicken food. We also carry calf bottles and calf bottle holders and nipples, as well as round bale hay feeders, fence-mounted horse feeders and horse feed bunks.