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No matter if you are warming yourself in the winter or readying a campfire in the summer, at Agri Supply®, we carry all you need to cut, burn, and store your own firewood. From log racks to fire pits, we can help you keep your firewood stored neatly away, while the logging supplies and fire pokers, axes, and hooks ensures your fire keeps blazing all night.

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Log Jack
image Log Jack
Item # 64359
The average rating for this product is 2 out of 5 stars
$40.99 EA
Hydraulic Filter Head With By Pass
image HFA2-Series Hydraulic Filter Head Assembly
Item # 28831
$43.99 EA
# 64 Gear Pump Stand
image # 64 Gear Pump Stand
Item # 77691
$15.99 EA
NPT Breather Plug, 1/2 In.
image NPT Breather Plug, 1/2-Inch
Item # 90501
$9.49 EA
NPT Breather Plug, 3/8 In.
image NPT Breather Plug, 3/8 In.
Item # 90614
$7.49 EA
Saw Wedge, 7-1/8 In.
image Saw Wedge, 7-1/8 In.
Item # 17136
$26.99 EA
Micron Hydraulic Filter Element
image HFA2-Series Replacement Element
Item # 28832
$24.99 EA
Bar and Chain Kit, 18 In.
image Bar and Chain Kit, 18 In.
Item # 29896
$45.99 PK
Sae To Pipe Adapters To Npt Female Threads
Item # 39538
$4.99 EA
Chainsaw Chain, 18 In. Single Pack, S62
image Chainsaw Chain, 18 In. Single Pack, S62
Item # 51490
$22.99 EA
Valve Joiner
image Valve A Joiner for 25 Ton Log Splitter ASC SKU 90372A
Item # 65870
$1.99 EA
Breather Cap
image Breather Cap for 25 Ton Log Splitter ASC SKU 90372A
Item # 65875
$2.49 EA
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You can trust logging equipment from Agri Supply to last and to work well. Try our forestry equipment for easier sawing, such as our wooden-handled super log jack that raises and holds logs up to 12 inches in diameter for easy cutting with a hand or chain saw. Use our logging tools when it's time to get logs rolling, such as our 2 1/2'' x 4?' cant hooks for rolling logs and our 4-inch peavey log rollers that are used for both prying and rolling logs. And, give our brush grubber a go when you need to clear logs or stumps of unwanted brush and roots.

We offer logging equipment in various sizes, from 7/8-inch skidding tongs to 32-inch skidding tongs. Try our well-designed forestry equipment, such as our grubber tugger chain that features a safety spring-loaded hook, extra large ring for 2-inch balls and safety design for anti-backlash.

We offer logging equipment at Agri Supply that will help make your log cutting and removal more efficient. Use our forestry equipment for log removal, including our log skidding tongs for a quick and easy way to skid logs, as our skidding tongs hook to a chain and dig into the log for a secure grip. We also offer logging tools for cutting logs, such as Log Jack that works with logs up to 16 inches in diameter and can raise logs up to 8 inches off the ground for better cutting. Use a brush grubber with eight no-slip grip teeth per pad and 3/8-inch steel construction to remove brush and roots.

Logging equipment from Agri Supply is backed with a solid guarantee and helpful customer service. When you need forestry equipment for bigger jobs, try our 4-foot heavy-duty root buster with a 6-inch wide v-shaped replacement blade that will help you slice roots up to 18 inches deep. Whether you need logging tools for small or big jobs, we have what you need among our more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden. Our brush grubber is ideal for use with lawn tractors, ATVs and UTVs for your convenience.