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We carry a wide selection of meat processing supplies so you can process your own meat at home. Stop paying others to prepare your game. We carry skinner knives, meat saws, meat grinders, grinder blades, meat tenderizers and more. We even carry sausage stuffers, seasonings and sausage casings. If you prefer jerky, we carry jerky guns, seasonings and dehydrators. Dont forget our freezer supplies. At Agri Supply ®, we have freezer paper, paper slicers, butchers twine and freezer tape. If fishing is your game, check out our vacuum sealer and the various sizes of vacuum freezer bags that we have in stock. We take pride in helping you preserve your hard work.

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Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder
image Kitchener™ Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder
Item # 90409
$209.99 EA
Electric Meat Slicer, 9 In.
image Kitchener™ 9 Inch Kitchener Electric Meat Slicer
Item # 86702
The average rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars
$139.88 EA
ss meat mixer 20lb manual crank
image CHARD® 20 lb. Stainless Steel Meat Mixer
Item # 74905A
$169.99 EA
Heavy Duty Sausage Stuffer 5 lb.
image Heavy Duty Sausage Stuffer 5 lb.
Item # 83506A
$84.99 EA
Collagen Casings
image Lem® 132B Edible Collagen Casings 21mm
Item # 83142
$21.99 EA
Vacuum Sealer Stainless Steel
image Kitchener™ Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer
Item # 105926
$139.99 EA
Vacuum Rolls 11" x 16 (2/set)
image Kitchener™ Vacuum Sealer Rolls 11" x 16' (2/Set)
Item # 105931
$19.99 EA
Heavy Duty Meat Tenderizer
image Heavy Duty Meat Tenderizer
Item # 84953
$27.66 EA
image Support
Item # 79861
$9.49 EA
Clamp-On Meat Tenderizer
image Clamp-On Meat Tenderizer
Item # 82421
$87.66 EA
In stores only
Meat Hand Saw, 22 In.
image Meat Hand Saw, 22 In.
Item # 54354
$59.99 EA
Blade for Meat Saw, ASC #62706
image Blade for Meat Saw, ASC #62706
Item # 63906
$25.99 EA
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