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Pond Management

Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Pond Management along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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Farm General Aquatic Herbicide, 75298
image Farm General Aquatic Herbicide 1 Gallon, 75298
Item # 120441
$69.99 GL
Ocean Blue Lake & Pond Dye 1gl
image Ocean Blue™ Lake & Pond Dye, 1-Gallon
Item # 117169
$39.99 GL
Blockout Blue Pond Dye Gallon
image Ike's™ Blockout Blue Pond Dye, 1-Gallon
Item # 122684A
$39.99 EA
AquaSpherePRO® 1,000 Gallon, Single Pack
image AquaSpherePRO® 1,000 Gallon, Single Pack
Item # 101263
$26.99 EA
AquaSpherePRO® 1,000 Gallon, 3 Pack
image AquaSpherePRO® 1,000 Gallon, 3 Pack
Item # 101265
$46.99 EA
AquaSpherePRO® 50,000 Gallon
image AquaSpherePRO® 50,000 Gallon
Item # 101268
$39.99 EA
Lagoon Agra Sphere
image Lagoon Agra Sphere
Item # 101277
$149.99 EA
Activator Plus, 26 lb. Pail
image Activator Plus, 26 lb. Pail
Item # 101278
$219.99 EA
All Purpose Water Cleaner
image Healthy Ponds® All Purpose Water Cleaner
Item # 104997
$39.99 EA
All Purpose Pond & Water Cleaner, 2,500 Gal
image All Purpose Pond & Water Cleaner, 2,500 Gal
Item # 101271
$26.99 EA
Aqualily™  Water Cleaner 1000 Gal
image Aqualily™ Water Cleaner 1000 Gal
Item # 101273
$19.99 EA
AquaLily™  Water Cleaner Refills
image Healthy Pounds AquaLily™ Water Cleaner Refills
Item # 101274
$21.99 EA
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We have effective pond supplies at Agri Supply, so turn to us for all of your garden and lawn needs. Our pond products, like pond algae control and aquatic weed control, will help keep your pond clear and clean. Try our pond cleaners like our lake and pond cleaner that effectively and safely breaks down muck and vegetation. Pond algae control treatments come with a one-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind in our garden and lawn supplies.

We stock all of the pond supplies that you need to have a bright and clear pond. Try our effective pond products with our other quality lawn supplies and take pride in the home and garden you can create.

Find all of the pond supplies that you need for a clean and clear pond at Agri Supply. Our pond products like lake and pond herbicide will help to control cattails in your lake or pond. We feature pond cleaners that are safe and effective pond treatments for aquatic weed control. With our pond algae control pond treatments and lawn supplies, you can create a yard that is worthy of your dreams.

For pond supplies that will enhance the color of your pond or lake all year, try our lake and pond treatment. All of our pond products will work with so many of our other great lawn and garden center products that you are sure to have a yard you can be proud of. We have pond cleaners like aquatic algaecide/herbicide that will kill algae and help to maintain high water quality, too. These pond algae control items are safe for fish, livestock, and waterfowl when applied per label directions.