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32" Discada Burner Stand M116672
image Carolina Cooker® 32 inch Discada Stand with Burner
Item # 116672
$69.99 EA
22 Steel Discada W/1.5 Sides
image 22" Steel Discada with 1-1/2" Sides
Item # 121954
$99.99 EA
Discada, BBQ Disc Blade, 24 In. Diameter
image Carolina Cooker® 24" Steel Discada, BBQ Disc Blade Wok
Item # 85078
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$99.99 EA
Stainless Steel Lid For 17 Gallon Stew Pot
image SS Lid For 17 Gallon Stew Pot / 24" Discada
Item # 116680
$26.99 EA
discada stand cover black
image Carolina Cooker® Discada Stand Cover Black
Item # 124133
$20.99 EA
21 round ss steam grate w/folding handles
image Carolina Cooker® 21" Round Stainless Steel Steam Grate with Handles
Item # 126613
$25.99 EA